The Secret for Hiring a Land Surveyor


For a quality land survey, one should hire the most eligible land surveyor. It is seen that price is only the main factor which is considered while hiring a land surveyor. But this is a wrong concept. There are many other important factors which should be kept in mind while hiring a land surveyor for a successful survey. Land surveying is a science. Most of the people hire a land surveyor once or twice in their life. So they do not have much experience to analyze whether they have hired the best surveyor or not. Following are some points which should keep in mind before hiring a land surveyor.

 Acquisition of license:

Before hiring a land surveyor, inspects that whether he has a license or not. The land surveyor is bound by law to have a land surveyor license. If you are hiring a person who does not acquire a license, you are wasting your money. The land surveyor who does not possess the license is also breaking the law.

Experience in land surveying:

Before hiring a land surveyor, make sure that the person you are hiring have the required experience or not. It is essential. If the individual has the experience in the required field, he can show you great results while inspecting your land. In case he is an experience less land surveyor, he is hence unable to show you results.

Usage of Modern Equipment:

With all the recent advancement in technologies, the land surveying industry is also advancing and using latest technologies for different surveys. To name a few, Global Positioning System (GPS), Computer Aided Drafting (CAD), Robotic Survey Systems and Laser Scanning are the latest technologies being used in the land surveying industry.

Professional Liability Insurance:

Such insurance protects you if the land surveyor has made any mistake. They are also human beings and capable of making mistakes in their professional capacities. In such case, the law will provide you with an alternate remedy.

Worker’s Compensation Insurance:

If your state is offering such kind of compensation for the workers or employees, find out that your land surveyor has this kind of insurance.

Professional Demeanor:

A person you are hiring as a land surveyor must have a professional approach. He should show you business-like performance. He should give a response to your calls and emails instantly. This is a symbol of a professional.

Written Contract:

Make a written contract after hiring a land surveyor. This is important. This contract contains all the details of the services the land surveyor is going to provide you as well as all the money transactions which are finalized between you and the hired land surveyor. The surveyors in London themselves make all the required legal arrangements so that you do not have to get panic on it.

You always need the services of a land surveyor when you buy a property or want to refinance your home, or there is any requirement by the bank, or you are seeking a mortgage. Keep in mind all the above-mentioned factors before hiring a land surveyor to have a successful survey.


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